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Recent AgClips

Milk oversupply strains market in Wisconsin

Fox News | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture News

Some Wisconsin dairy experts say farmers should take a closer look at their contracts as an oversupply of milk is straining the market. Agriculture attorney Troy Schneider told Wisconsin Public Radio that contracts between dairy farmers and milk buyers are usually informal. He says farmers have not had to worry about producing too much milk because buyers were easy to find.However, an oversupply of milk has changed the market and local producers don’t have flexibility.

The real costs of antibiotic-free, slow-growing broilers

Watt Ag Net | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture News

A future with only antibiotic-free and slow-growing broilers would be harder on the environment and the economy. In a presentation at the 2017 Chicken Marketing Summit, Dr. Matt Salois, director of global scientific affairs and policy for Elanco, outlined the consequences of farmers moving from conventional practices to no antibiotics ever or slower growing broiler production. If standardized, the practices would raise the number of birds needed to feed the same number of people, and lead to the consumption of more natural resources and creation of more pollution.

Food Swamps Are the New Food Deserts

The Atlantic | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Food News

The term “food desert” conjures the image of a forlorn citizen, wandering through a barren landscape for miles and miles (or, by definition, for more than a mile) to reach the nearest fresh-food market. Populating food deserts with grocery stores is a favored cause among nutrition advocates, but the concept became controversial after some recent studies found the distance to the nearest grocery store doesn’t correlate with a region’s obesity rate.(Because it’s nutrition, other studies have shown the opposite.

He built a food pantry in his lawn for the hungry. His town followed.

CNN | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Rural News

This summer, Roman Espinoza put up what he called a "blessing box" on his lawn.It was a miniature food pantry, modeled after Little Free Libraries, those boxes full of books in people's front yards that others can borrow from.What Espinoza, a 46-year-old Army veteran, hoped to do was alleviate the problem of hunger in his community.What his small gesture ended up doing is reveal a town's big heart.Today, his town -- Watertown, New York -- boasts more than 20 of these boxes.

Community college in Kansas to offer drone degree program | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in News

Two higher education institutions in Kansas are partnering allow students to get a degree in drone-flying. Butler Community College announced on Tuesday its partnership with Kansas State University to offer an associate's degree in unmanned aircraft systems

Trump administration rescinding fracking rules on government land

Chicago Tribune | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Energy News

President Donald Trump's administration is rescinding proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing and other oil- and gas-drilling practices on government lands. The rules developed under President Barack Obama would have applied mainly in the West, where most federal lands are located. Companies would have had to disclose the chemicals used in fracking, which pumps pressurized water underground to break open hydrocarbon deposits.

Crop and Livestock Price Prospects for 2018

Farm Doc Daily | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture News

Crop prices will remain below the high levels seen in the early part of this decade due to large global inventories. Global economic growth continues to build on the momentum seen over the last year. Growth in China and emerging market in Asia is projected to remain strong throughout 2018. The prospects of improved growth support commodity demand, but the significant changes to trade policy could mitigate some of this demand growth in export markets.

Consumer perception of dairy cow care

Michigan State University | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture News

The public often hears in the media and from special interest groups that animals are housed in poor conditions, treated poorly and forced to perform at high levels. But what do consumers think after they’ve toured a modern, and in some cases, very large modern dairy farm? Not what the media sometimes presents or what some special interest groups want people to believe.

7th person charged in teen forced labor case at Ohio egg farm

Fox News | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture News

 A man accused of taking part in a scheme to smuggle teenagers into the U.S. and force them to work at an egg farm for little pay is in custody after being arrested at the Mexican border, federal prosecutors announced.

More schools participate in USDA Farm to School program

Meatingplace (free registration required) | Posted onJanuary 2, 2018 in Agriculture, Federal News

More schools districts – and therefore more schoolchildren – are learning about healthy eating habits, and more schools would like to be able to source meats locally, according to the latest USDA Farm to School Census. More than 5,200 school districts and 57,600 schools participated in the program in 2015, which tracks local sourcing of food fed to schoolchildren during the course of the day.