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E Coli in Utah raises concerns about petting zoos and corn mazes

 Utah public health officials are investigating an increase in Shiga toxin-producing E. coli infections across the state, and while the source of the infections has not been identified, several infected individuals reported visiting petting zoos, corn mazes and farms. Since Oct. 1, there have been 20 cases of the toxin-producing E.

Is this a farm in South Tampa, or a time warp to the Confederate South?

Marion Lambert sits near the wood-burning stove in his living room. There's an outhouse in back, 1,000 chickens, dozens of dairy cows, steer and hogs, all in the middle of would-be posh South Tampa.McMansion neighbors occasionally drive their sedans through mud and what they say is manure, tracked into the streets by Lambert's scratched and dented Dodge pickup.This is South Tampa Farm. It's no petting zoo or field trip.

Farm Bureau breaks down costs for new Dairy-RP insurance

A new dairy insurance plan by USDA became available Oct. 9 and offers a way to protect dairy farmer revenue — functioning in a manner similar to traditional crop insurance, as opposed to other dairy insurance programs aimed at margins between milk prices and the cost of feed.

How the Farm Bureau’s Climate Agenda Is Failing Its Farmers

That agenda has left farmers ill-prepared to cope with effects of climate change—droughts, heat and storms—while neglecting a key climate solution.The damages to agriculture from climate change are already happening and getting worse; and the latest science suggests they will be much more costly than previously thought.

Minnesota ag co-op’s suit seeks $9.8M from former manager, wife

Both the grain elevator general manager and his wife went on an Australian safari hunt within 30 days of a multi-million fraud that forced the Ashby Farmers Elevator Cooperative to sell out and dissolve, officials say in a complaint.The elevator’s lawyer, Erik Ahlgren, of Fergus Falls, on Oct. 16 filed a civil complaint with Grant County District Court asking for $9.8 million in actual and punitive damages.The co-op details $4,900,186.72 in unauthorized amounts by former general manager Jerry Hennessey.

Trade War May Be More Than “a Short-Term Hiccup” for Agriculture

“China has the world’s biggest appetite for pork. It’s such a beloved staple that the written Chinese character for ‘home’ depicts a pig inside a house. U.S. producers banked on that business being around for years. “That’s changed. As a result of the Trump administration’s clash with Beijing over trade, China’s tariffs on U.S. pork have climbed as high as70%, making U.S. imports more expensive. At the same time, an outbreak of African swine fever in China has increased demand for imported pork.

Working lands play a key role in protecting biodiversity

 Diversifying working lands -- including farmland, rangeland and forests -- may be key to preserving biodiversity in the face of climate change, says a new review article. These changes could extend the habitat of critters like bats, but also much larger creatures like bears, elk and other wildlife, outside the boundaries of protected areas, while creating more sustainable, and potentially more productive, working lands.

Study proves gene editing in pigs can prevent virus infection

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri (MU), Kansas State University (KSU), and biotechnology company, Genus plc, have successfully produced a litter of pigs genetically resistant to a deadly porcine virus through gene editing. Transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), a coronavirus, is highly contagious and commonly infects pig intestines. The team edited the gene responsible for making the ANPEP enzyme, resulting in a litter of seven pigs with a null gene that did not produce the enzyme.


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