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Large Dairy Farm Developers Turn to Wisconsin Supreme Court

The owners of a proposed large-scale dairy farm in Wood County have asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that blocked the project.Golden Sands Dairy maintains it has rights to use most of its 6,400 acres for growing crops and manure spreading because the land was zoned unrestricted when the dairy filed for building permits in 2012 and the applications referenced the land.The Town of Saratoga argues the dairy can't use the land that way because it was re-zoned for preservation four months after the applications were filed.A state appeals court blocked the project last month

Deere profit beats on better demand for farm equipment, shares jump

Deere reported on Friday a bigger-than-expected quarterly profit, as sales rose for the first time in 13 quarters on improving demand for its farm and construction equipment.Shares of Deere, which has cut jobs and lowered production due to declining demand for its trademark green tractors and harvesting combines, were up 7.3 percent at $120.30 in premarket trading.The U.S.

Sanderson: Veterinarians would leave if antibiotics cut

Sanderson Farms CEO Joe F. Sanderson Jr. reiterated that the company has no intention of moving into the antibiotic-free chicken market. “For a lot of reasons, we didn’t think it was right for us to do antibiotic-free. Our veterinarians, half of them would leave us if we did.

Legal Issues Surrounding Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning (also called controlled burning) is a popular grassland management tool across the country. These burns, when conducted carefully, can serve to maintain and restore native grasslands, control weeds, improve forage quality and even prevent wildfires.

Canada not at fault for what ails US milk market

In recent weeks, on the U.S. side of the border with Canada, much noise has been made about a festering dispute with our Canadian neighbors over ultra-filtered milk in U.S.-Canadian dairy trade. Ultra-filtered milk is condensed skim milk; a high protein, fat adjusted, reduced cost ingredient, used to fortify cheese and yogurt products. It did not exist at the time the North American Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA) was signed.

Walmart intends to push sustainability goals to the farm level

Agricultural practices have economic and environmental impacts for farmers, ranchers and buyers of their products. The adoption of best-in-class agricultural practices, including precision agriculture and feed optimization, can help reduce farmer input costs, improve water quality and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With almost 92 million cattle, 71 million swine and millions of acres of farmland in the U.S.

New York farmers close to dumping milk over Canadian trade dispute

Rep. Chris Collins says a trade dispute with the Canada has forced New York state farmers to dump their milk "into ditches" because they can no longer sell it across the border. "They’ve now taken something they call ultra-filtered milk. They effectively with a pricing move, our dairy farmers are no longer able to get that product into Canada," Collins said in an interview with Bloomberg. "They are now dumping milk into the ditches.


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