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SARL Members and Alumni

Nebraska Craft Brewery Board seeks grant proposals by April 30

By encouraging Nebraskans to “Grow local. Brew local, and Buy local,” the Nebraska Craft Brewery Board hopes to enhance the state’s hop and craft brewery industry. Every year the Craft Brewery Board awards grants to fund research, development and marketing projects related to the industry. This year, the Board has approximately $90,000 available for innovative projects from growers, industry organizations, state and local agencies, educational groups and other eligible stakeholders. 

Indiana Trial Court Applies Right-toFarm Act

The Hendricks County Superior Court ruled in favor of a group of hog farmers and their cooperative when it dismissed a lawsuit against them. The Lawsuit was filed by neighbors who argued that the hog farm was a nuisance, that the farm's location was rhe result of negligent siting and that the farm would release odors which would trespass on neighbor's property.  The plaintiffs argued the farm itself had been negligently sited, so the RTFA should not apply.

Missouri Attorney General defends states’ sovereign, economic interests

California imposes its poultry cage rules on states hoping to sell to California consumers. In requesting the U.S. Supreme Court to accept its complaint in the California cage size case, Missouri’s Attorney General states, “Unless this Court acts, California will continue to impose new agricultural regulations on other states in violation of federal law and those States’ sovereign, quasi-sovereign, and economic interests…”.

Ohio EPA addressing river nutrients

With the expectation that new water quality rules are coming to Ohio’s large rivers, the Ohio EPA is holding informational meetings to discuss the indicators of polluted rivers, and potential targets for nutrient loading. In March, the Ohio EPA released a draft report of the state’s latest list of impaired water bodies, which included the western basin of the open waters of Lake Erie. The state has battled water quality concerns over the past decade related to harmful algal blooms in the lake, and nutrient overloading in its rivers.

PA preserves 27 farms throughout state

Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board has safeguarded 27 farms throughout the state, State Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding announced. Three of the 27 farms are in Lancaster County while two others reside in Lebanon and York counties.

Pet groomers would be required to be trained and licensed with proposed NJ law

Those who use pet groomers expect to pick up a fluffy, clean animal at the end of their visit, not a box with their pet's remains. But that's not what some New Jersey families have experienced.Following news reports that three dogs have died after pet-salon visits in the state in the past five months, State Sen. Kip Bateman (R-Dist. 16)  announced Tuesday he is introducing legislation requiring pet groomers to be trained and licensed.“It is sadly far too common for us to read of dog grooming deaths in the news,” Bateman said.

Indiana’s AG weighs in to help agriculture in Supreme Court

Indiana farmers must choose between ignoring Massachusetts’ regulations or complying with them to sell product in that state.Curtis Hill, Attorney General for Indiana, is requesting the United States Supreme Court block the implementation of the Massachusetts’ Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act (Animal Law).The Republican Indiana official on March 16, 2018, filed a Reply Brief in the Supreme Court to support an original Bill of Complaint. He argues “The Supreme Court shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction of all controversies between two or more states.”

Tennessee Rural Hospital Transformation Act of 2018

This bill requires that the department of economic and community development shall establish and manage a grant program to support rural hospitals in assessing viability and identifying new delivery models, strategic partnerships, and operational changes that enable the continuation of needed healthcare services in rural communities (the "rural hospital transformation program"). For purposes of this bill, a rural hospital is a hospital located outside of a major urban or suburban area; provided, that the hospital may be located within a metropolitan statistical area.

Missouri bills: If it comes from a lab, it’s not meat

As the sale of cell-cultured foods become closer to a reality, lawmakers in Missouri want to protect its livestock and poultry producers. If you don’t know what cell-cultured foods are, another name to which I have heard them referred is laboratory-grown meat. However, the latter name is exactly what the legislators don’t want to hear or seen used in the Show Me State.Bills in both the state’s Senate and House of Representatives have been proposed that if passed, would prohibit companies from advertising and promoting those products as meat.Rep.


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