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Expert Panel Examines Broiler Farm Video

The Center for Food Integrity’s (CFI) Animal Care Review Panel has examined video released this week from West Virginia broiler farms. It is contained in a report produced by the group Compassion in World Farming (CWF). CFI created the Animal Care Review Panel program to engage recognized animal care specialists to examine video and provide expert perspectives for food retailers, the poultry industry and the media. The expert panel in this case was comprised of Dr. Patricia Hester, Purdue University; Dr. Sacit Bilgili, Auburn University; and Dr. Bruce Webster, University of Georgia. The three experts viewed the video and provided feedback independently and were given the opportunity to review each other’s assessments before the report was finalized. The video in question was taken at a pair of farms where broilers (chickens grown for meat) are raised under contract with a poultry company. This means the birds are owned by the company and the farmers are paid to house and care for them until they are ready for market. The video was taken by the farmers with cameras supplied by CWF, which then produced a video report that was posted online. The group declined to make unedited video available to panel members.

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Center for Food Integrity