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Farmland Access Bootcamp

Securing land to farm can be an enormous stumbling block for new farmers -- get a leg up on your search with this in-depth course. The Farmland Access Bootcamp will provide beginning farmers with a comprehensive overview of land access strategies, tools and resources and help them plan their next steps towards land tenure. The day-long session is designed for farmers with 10 or less years of experience, who are ready to begin or are actively searching for land or are working to change their current land situation. In this course you will craft a plan to help move you forward -- we'll cover resources for finding and assessing land, owning vs. leasing, and key considerations for planning your financing and structuring your business plan. Registration is $25 per farmer plus $10 for additional farm-partners or just $10 for members of Practical Farmers of Iowa.  Participants will also be introduced to the Land Access Hub, an initiative created to help new farmers navigate the increasingly difficult process of finding affordable land to farm in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. The hub includes many partners working to provide new farmers with an integrated, supportive process to help them gain affordable and secure access to farmland. The hub offers workshops, day-long trainings, and no-cost, one-on-one coaching with farmland access navigators. Technical advisors include attorneys, real estate professionals, financial experts, and seasoned farmers.

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