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Leo Ray

Chief Executive Officer
Fish Breeders of Idaho
2017 Ag Chairs Summit

Leo Ray, his wife, Judith, and their son Tod built and operate Fish Breeders of Idaho, Inc.; Big Bend Trout, Inc.; and Fish Processors, Inc. They raise channel catfish, blue catfish, tilapia, rainbow trout, sturgeon and aquarium fish on geothermal wells and cold water springs. They process and market the fish they grow. Sturgeon eggs are made into caviar.

Fish Breeders of Idaho was the first successful catfish raceway farm and the first successful tilapia farm in the United States. It was the first catfish or tilapia farm to use concrete facilities and geothermal water, as well as the first catfish and tilapia processing facility west of the Rocky Mountains. The farm was started in 1973 and has continually expanded. Mr. Ray and his family are now building a feed mill to make their own feed using the waste from the processing plant for fish meal. They have 30 to 35 employees