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As milk prices stall, Wisconsin dairy farmers disagree on how to turn market around

"There’s just a lot of dairy product on the marketplace and I don't see farmers cutting back very quickly, unless prices really go south and I don't expect that to happen," said Mark Stephenson, director of dairy policy analysis for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "So I just think that there’s more like this longer, slow bleed this time."If Wisconsin farmers want better prices, they need to tip the scales of supply and demand back into their favor. But producers don’t agree which side of the equation they should focus on."I think the quick fix would be access to more markets and have some good export numbers happening," said Gordon Speirs, a third generation dairy farmer from Brillion.Speirs said farmers are constantly improving their cost of production and increasing the amount each cow can produce. That's why milk production has continued to grow around 2 percent each year even with low prices.

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Wisconsin Public Radio