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Fish farm objects, but Washington state says it’s over for Atlantic salmon pens at Port Angeles

Cooke Aquaculture says its troubles with state regulators that led to the shutdown of its Port Angeles Atlantic salmon farm last week are all a misunderstanding, but the decision to revoke Cooke’s license is final. “An inspection of the Port Angeles site from December 4-9 revealed significant lease violations that endanger public safety and the health of Puget Sound,” Carlo Davis, communications director for the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR), wrote. “The decision by Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz to terminate the lease is final. DNR will work cooperatively with Cooke Aquaculture Pacific to dismantle the facility in a safe and appropriate manner.” There are nearly 700,000 Atlantic salmon in the pens at the farm, which first went into operation in 1984. It has had a series of owners, most recently Cooke, which bought it from Icicle Seafoods.

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The Seattle Times