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AVMA Economic Summit highlights veterinary income, job market

According to the report, which will be released in 2018, the number of dog-owning households is the highest since the AVMA began measuring pet ownership, the number of cat owners has dropped drastically, horse and pet bird ownership are declining, and backyard poultry ownership is increasing. real veterinary income has been declining for more than seven years.Further, veterinarians are likely to experience peak income of about $125,000 annually by age 59, and those who become practice owners soon after graduation earn more than those who become owners later in their career.More than 3,000 full-time–equivalent veterinarians are needed to satisfy the work hour preferences reported by practitioners, she added.However, during her research, she found more veterinarians are reporting low compassion satisfaction, she said, and added that high educational debt and declining real income could be to blame.

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