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Recent AgClips

Hershey board unanimously rejects preliminary offer from Mondelez

CNBC | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Food News

Hershey's board unanimously rejected a $23 billion offer from its rival Mondelez International. In a statement, the maker of Hershey's Kisses and Reese's Peanut Butter, said it turned down the offer after determining "that it provided no basis for further discussion between Mondelez and the company."  Hershey said Mondelez, the maker of Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolate, offered it $107 a share in cash and stock.

Sustainable beef? U.S. has most environmentally friendly livestock industry in the world

Beef | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Agriculture News

Frank Mitloehner, an animal science and air quality specialist at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) will show you two pictures from either side of a California fence. There are 40 acres on one side occupied by a 3rd generation dairy with 1,000 cows. On the other are 40 acres occupied by a 5-year-old residential development with 1,000 homes.  The residential development sued the dairy over environmental quality — and won.

$20,000 ag grant makes Montana man’s mobile shearing shed a reality

Agweek | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Agriculture News

Mike Schuldt has been shearing sheep for 28 years, and a grant through the Growth Through Agriculture program last November made his vision of a mobile sheep shearing operation a reality.  Governor Steve Bullock and the Agriculture Development Council announced twelve agricultural businesses and organizations were awarded a portion of the $290,000 in grants through the program, which was established by the legislature to strengthen and diversify Montana’s agricultural industry by developing new agricultural produces and processes.

107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs

The Washington Post | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Agriculture News

More than 100 Nobel laureates have signed a letter urging Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The letter asks Greenpeace to cease its efforts to block introduction of a genetically engineered strain of rice that supporters say could reduce Vitamin-A deficiencies causing blindness and death in children in the developing world.

Wanting to kill wild pigs itself, Missouri bans public hog hunting

Kansas City Star | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Rural News

The Missouri Department of Conservation banned the hunting of feral hogs on the 1,000 or so conservation areas in the state.  Hunters actually make it more difficult for the state to kill feral hogs, the conservation department says.  The state tries to lure groups of hogs to a trapping area with cracked corn. Pigs see a free meal and private hunters see a ready-made hunting grounds.

To fight a food desert, this Dallas college turned its football field into a farm

Splendud Table | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Food News

Paul Quinn College was in the middle of a food desert. Its football team kept losing -- badly. So in 2010, the Dallas college decided to transform its football field into a farm. It left both goal posts standing

One of the country's largest agricultural greenhouses locating in Ohio

Prairie Farmer | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Agriculture News

Paul Mastronardi and Louie Chibante, principle owners of Golden Fresh Farms in Wapakoneta, have announced a $100 million capital investment over the first four phases, potentially expanding to more than 200 acres of greenhouses with a $250 million investment throughout an eight-phase build out. Phase One will start in the spring of 2016 with construction of a 20-acre (871,000 SF) greenhouse with a capital investment of $22.5 million.

Oklahoma will vote on right to farm this November

Beef | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in SARL Members and Alumni News

This November, Oklahoma voters will have a chance to decide on the fate of the state’s agricultural industry. State Question 777 would add a new section to the Oklahoma Constitution relating to farming and ranching.

Yellen: Recession Unlikely, but Long-Run Growth Could Be Slow

Wall Street Journal | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Federal News

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said the chances of recession this year are “quite low” despite mounting worries that the U.S. could be heading toward a downturn after seven years of tepid economic expansion. “The U.S. economy is doing well,” she said Tuesday, kicking off two days of testimony to Congress on the economic outlook and monetary policy. “My expectation is that the U.S. economy will continue to grow.” Still, a clearly tentative Fed leader has a long list of factors she worries will hold growth to a modest pace in the months ahead.

VT retailers say GMO label law unclear

Burlington Free Press | Posted onJune 30, 2016 in Food News

Ray Bouffard, owner of Georgia Market just off Interstate 89 at Exit 18, is a worried man. Sitting in a small locker room for his employees he explains that he just spent $8,000 on new scales so he could efficiently label foods made in his deli that contain GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.  Vermont's first-in-the-nation law requiring labeling for genetically engineered foods goes into effect on Friday, and Bouffard believes the law might be bad for his business.