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Overview of March Conference Call

  1. We have sent a letter to Michael Taylor from SARL thanking him for working with us since 2007.
  2. We have also begun an application to the FDA for small conference grant support.
  3. Invite Canadian Ag Minister Lawrence MacAulay and US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack
  4. Consumer Panel focusing on Millenials – why they voted how they did, what swayed them, what do they think of ag, what do they want to know, what will sway them?  Need group to work on questions.
  5. Sunday federal session should include - FDA, EPA, Dept of Labor

Overview of February Conference Call

  1. Review of 2016 Summit Attendee Evaluations
  2. Future dates – Calgary had overwhelming votes, but several other locations suggested (NC, TX, Montreal, San Francisco, Bannff, Toronto)  Carolyn is working on a summer visit to Calgary to see if the cost is viable for us to hold Summit there,
  3. get information from breakout sessions; for 2017 will ask each speaker to provide no more than 1 page summary of their topic.  May need to provide a financial incentive for on-time completion.

Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta: rush for mega-mergers puts food security at risk

Recent deals in the global agrochemical and seed industry, driven by financial motivations, are a threat to farmers, prices and the environment.

The global agrochemical and seed industry is undergoing profound upheaval, with a spate of mergers and attempted mergers consolidating the sector and raising concerns about the future of the food system.

Senate bill backing agriculture also bans plastic bags at farmers markets

    Massachusetts shoppers would be able to buy craft beers and spirits at farmers markets - but not take those bottles or any other purchases home in a plastic bag - under a bill approved Thursday by the Senate.

    An omnibus bill (S 2171) that passed the Senate on a 36-1 vote takes a variety of steps aimed at promoting agriculture in the state.

U.S. Farmers Open Up Silos as Corn Hits `Magic' Price Levels

The best rally for corn prices in 10 months meant U.S. farmers were frantic to sell from the mountain of grain they’d been hoarding.

Growers have been stockpiling supplies following a string of bumper harvests, waiting patiently for a rebound in prices. Their hopes have finally been answered after dry weather threatened crops in Brazil, sending futures traded in Chicago to their highest in nine months. With more than 50 percent of U.S. corn stockpiles stashed on farms as of March, the unexpected price gains had resulted in “quite brisk” sales and deliveries

Ag Startups Get Boost from Big Firms

New technologies are opening up new opportunities and investment in early stage agricultural companies is springing to life.  One sign is a new "accelerator" to assist fledgling agricultural companies. Its backers include Bayer and Syngenta and some venture capital firms that typically focus on pharmceuticals, not farms.

Mechanism discovered for plants to regulate their flowering in a warming world

A new mechanism that enables plants to regulate their flowering in response to raised temperatures has been discovered by researchers. The finding could potentially lead to the development of technology allowing us to control the physiological response of plants and mitigate the impacts of warming temperatures.

Closing Ohio’s prison farms will halt a $9 million project

The proposed closure and sale of Ohio’s 10 prison farms will affect some ongoing construction projects — including a $9 million project to build new dairy and beef facilities at two farms. The state was in the final stages of constructing new cattle facilities at the London and Marion prison farms — and was about to begin installing the milking parlor equipment, when the intent to close and sell was announced.

Ohio House committee hears CAUV bill testimony

Farmers, landowners and farm policy makers voiced their concerns for increased land values and high tax rates at a time when farmers are facing historically low farm incomes. The Government Accountability and Oversight Committee heard eight testimonies and received an additional five written testimonies in favor of reform of the Current Agricultuire Use Value (CAUV) formula during a second hearing of House Bill 398

Purdue professor talks GMOs

The image of a mad scientist injecting corn with a syringe full of DNA does not accurately portray the use of genetically modified organisms. Most transgenic work takes place in a laboratory with intensive attention to detail, says a professor at Purdue University. Peter Goldsbrough, professor of botany and plant pathology, talked about GMOs during an Extension event in Martinsville. “There’s a lot of misinformation and lack of knowledge about GMOs,” he said. “My goal is to try and help explain and answer questions and see where we’re going next.


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