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Japan culling 90,000 more birds for avian flu

Japan began killing some 90,000 chickens today to contain another outbreak of a highly contagious strain of avian flu, officials said. 
The new drive means more than a million farm birds will have been killed in seven mass culls this season as officials work to prevent the spread of the virulent H5 strain, which has been detected at several farms across the country.

Rural-urban divide missing in Idaho, survey finds

The rural-urban divide that splits many states hasn’t reached Idaho yet, a new survey shows. The University of Idaho survey found that residents of Idaho’s two main urban counties see eye-to-eye with their rural counterparts in Owyhee County on many natural resource issues, such as public lands grazing and logging. Owyhee County in southwestern Idaho is heavily dependent on agriculture, particularly raising livestock. Some 80 percent of the county’s economic output is tied to the farming industry.

ESPA study suggests water credit trading program

A research study has found junior groundwater users on Idaho’s Eastern Snake Plain could reduce the financial sting of a settlement agreement by strategically idling marginal land and selling credits to other groundwater users.

Staph found in Stone Meadow Farm raw milk cheese

Pennsylvania officials are warning consumers who have purchased certain raw milk cheeses from Stone Meadow Farm to discard them immediately because samples from the dairy have tested positive for the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus.

New Illinois Laws 2017: Agriculture, Animals and Hunting

The Wildlife Code (HB 4604/ PA 99-0866): Public Hunting Grounds for Game: Changes the name of the fee from "Public Hunting Grounds for Pheasants" to "Public Hunting Grounds for Game Birds."  Fish and Aquatic Life Code (HB 5788/PA 99-0867): Adds catfish to the list of aquatic life that may be taken by pitchfork, spear gun or bow and arrow.  The Wildlife Code/Youth Trapping License (SB 2410/PA 99-0868): Allows minors to apply for youth trapping licenses with limited privileges.  Wildlife/Hunter/Landowner SB 3003/ PA 99-0869): Allows only one application to be submitted for hunters hunting on

adds animal welfare assessment programs

The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has developed a program under which it will offer assessments of animal welfare standards and programs to determine if they conform to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Specification (TS) 34700 — Animal Welfare Management/General Requirements and Guidance for Organizations in the Food Supply Chain.  

Canada looks to tighten animal transportation protections

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has proposed an update to that country’s “Health of Animals Regulations” dealing with the transportation of animals.   The CFIA proposes to amend the regulations to:Provide clarification by adding definitions (for example definitions for “compromised” and “unfit” animals) and establishing clear requirements for regulated parties to better understand what is expected of them;Improve animal welfare and reduce risk of suffering during transportation by establishing clear and science-informed requirements that better reflect animals’ needs and current industr

Growing Ohio promotes food, agriculture industry

The Ohio Department of Agriculture recently unveiled the 2017 edition of Growing Ohio, a magazine and web program that promotes and educates how the food and agriculture community contributes to Ohio’s economic well-being. Stories highlight Ohio’s food producers, the local community and farm families. Articles focus on the state’s thriving and diverse agritourism; how women are growing their influence in the traditionally male-dominated agriculture industry; innovative agriculture education efforts through virtual field trips; and Ohio’s booming greenhouse industry.


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