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Atlantic Sunrise pipeline gets a green light from FERC and a lawsuit from enviros

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project won preliminary approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday, paving the way for the $3 billion expansion of the Transco system to move forward as environmentalists simultaneously filed a federal lawsuit objecting to the pipeline. FERC released its draft environmental impact statement, concluding the environmental impact would not be significant.

Renewables Swamp Natural Gas in First Quarter 2016

Setting a new lopsided quarterly record, renewable sources outpaced — in fact, swamped — natural gas by a factor of more than 70:1 for new electrical generating capacity placed in-service during the first three months of calendar year 2016. According to the latest just-released monthly "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects, nine new "units" of wind provided 707 MW, followed by 44 units of solar (522 MW), 9 units of biomass (33 MW), and one unit of hydropower (29 MW).

State vet expresses concerns over organic hen standards

State veterinarians across the nation are reviewing a recently proposed U.S. Department of Agriculture rule that eliminates the approval of outdoor porches for hens from the National Organic Program, instead requiring direct exposure of hens to the outdoors. Recently, California state veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones expressed concern with the rule in a comment to USDA.

Jones urged USDA and its Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to reconsider this proposed rule, especially the outdoor access requirements that may pose serious animal health and food safety concerns.

Farmer Battles Over Covers

Kevin Glanz doesn't believe his crop insurance policy should be put in jeopardy because he's following a cover-cropping practice approved by USDA's Risk Management Agency.

Yet Glanz has already been told his corn crop will face a quality control audit this growing season by Des Moines-based Rain and Hail LLC after Glanz informed his insurance agent that he plans to interseed a cover-crop mix into his standing corn crop this year.

2017 Draft Session Topic List

  1. Ag Tourism, Rural tourism, boutique travel 
  2. Roads (funding, implements of husbandry) sustainability on road infrastructure -
  3. Animal Issues, Animal Health Issues (antibiotics, Delmarva’s Good Neighbor Policy )
  4. Water Quality Issues, Nutrient Runoff , Dead Zone, Disappearing wetlands, Manure work as identified by Carleton, Water Quality Technology, erosion control, how to pay for conservation, Hypoxia Dead Zone   
  5. Food safety Changes needed to state Laws for FSMA   
  6. Food Deserts   

Overview of April Conference Call

AIRPORTS- Can Fly into New Orleans or Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge - Taxi from airport to Hilton about $25, we should provide $50 reimbursement to anyone flying in.,  If they choose to fly into New Orleans, shuttle service from New Orleans airport is $100+ each way.  Rental cars are reasonable, valet parking at the hotel is $16 a day in our contract. 


Overview of March Conference Call

  1. We have sent a letter to Michael Taylor from SARL thanking him for working with us since 2007.
  2. We have also begun an application to the FDA for small conference grant support.
  3. Invite Canadian Ag Minister Lawrence MacAulay and US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack
  4. Consumer Panel focusing on Millenials – why they voted how they did, what swayed them, what do they think of ag, what do they want to know, what will sway them?  Need group to work on questions.
  5. Sunday federal session should include - FDA, EPA, Dept of Labor


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